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Dear ladies and gentleman, dear colleagues,

In 2014 we will meet in Durban, South Africa. It will be the first time that a world congress for Psychotherapy will take place in the cradle of the human species, in Africa, with its rich traditions in healing and treatment of human beings.

It will be an encounter of western traditions in psychotherapy with the traditions of African healing. We want to show you the richness of Africa in this context and also the up-to-date information about the development of psychotherapy in all continents.We want to show the research findings as well as the different psychotherapy school approaches, the disturbance-focused treatment as well as psychotherapy for different patient groups. It starts with child psychotherapy and goes through the life cycle to psychotherapy for the elderly, and in between all groups are that of those who need psychotherapy as social support and help.Besides the lectures and seminars to be presented at the world congress, Durban will be a meeting place for psychotherapists from all continents and a place where new projects will come into existence and will be shaped for the future.

Furthermore, it is a place of touristic beauties before and after the congress.

You are all invited!

Prof. Dr. Alfred Pritz
President of the World Council for Psychotherapy – WCP

Keynote Speakers: (for more information)

Christopher Stones: Professor Christopher Stones has enjoyed a lengthy academic and research career, in the course of which he has taught in a broad range of areas, moving over the years from a predominantly quantitative orientation towards a qualitative approach, especially that embracing the fundamental tenets of a phenomenological approach to the understanding of what it means to be human.

Darlyne Nemeth: Darlyne G. Nemeth, is a Clinical, Medical, and Neuropsychologist at the Neuropsychology Center of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, LA, and serves as Director of Neuropsychology at Sage Rehabilitation Hospital Neuro-Outpatient Services.

Anneke Meyer: Anneke Meyer first studied Biological Sciences at the Potchefstroom University (presently NWU) before starting her study in Psychology at the then University of Port Elizabeth (at present NMMU) where she obtained her Masters and PhD. The combination of Biology and Psychology equipped her well for specialization in Behavioural Neuroscience. During her employment as lecturer at NMMU and Researcher at the Institute for Behavioural Sciences at UNISA she was especially active in Neurophysiology (EEG and evoked potentials). The latter was also the area of investigation for her PhD.

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