Dear family and friends and colleagues, and students of all generations,

As most of you know I have been practicing Reichian Therapy since 1986, having trained with Dr. Bernard Rosenblum at the Center for Reichian Character Analytic Therapy. I then created the combined modality of Reichian Character Analytic Mind/Body Therapy and Dance/Movement Therapy.

In connecting to the community devoted to conveying Reich’s work in an accurate way, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Kevin Hinchey, Co-Director or the Wilhelm Reich Institute (Museum).

Kevin, along with Mary Higgins, has devoted a good deal of his life selflessly to curating Reich’s archives and disseminating the truth about the theory and practice of the groundbreaking form of mind/body therapy Reich created, as well as his work as a scientist.

It feels like the right moment in history for this film to be made. The tide seems to be changing in many realms to start to take in who Reich really was and the profundity of his work. Kevin’s wonderful combination of brilliance and passionate devotion to accurately portraying Reich and his work makes it ‘beschert’ that he makes this film.

Please join the Kickstarter campaign to make this vision a reality.

Most warmly to you all,

Johanna Climenko LCSW-R, BD-DMT, LCAT, Certified Reichian Character Analytic Therapist

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