Focusing is a powerful process that can shift emotional stuckness into ease and balance. But it’s not always clear how Focusing can be of direct help when we’re confronted with the struggles of daily life.

Working Through Anxiety

When: April 17, 2017, 4:00PM – 5:30PM Pacific Time
Cost: $39 until April 9th, $49 after

A message about this webinar from Ann Weiser Cornell

Got anxiety? I know I do.

My throat closes up and my heart starts to pound, and I start to feel sure that something terrible is about to happen.

Luckily I don’t feel that way very often… even now that the world feels turned upside down… and luckily I have some powerful and empowering processes to help me deal with it when it comes.

We don’t choose when to be anxious. It hijacks us… reading an email, or driving in bad weather, or watching the news. Suddenly our body is in panic mode, adrenalin pours in, and our thoughts are hijacked as well. Disaster is sure to happen.

Or maybe it’s not as intense as that but it’s more a feeling of dread and doom that hangs over you all day. It might be about money, about your health, about the future of the world.

In this first seminar on Focusing in Daily Life, I will show you how to use fast, “first-aid” Focusing at the times when you feel overtaken by anxiety in the midst of life. You’ll come away with powerful and practical moves you can use immediately to feel more at ease, more balanced, more clear.

Join me or find out more here!

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